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Answers to your "Common Questions"
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Where are you located?  

We are located in Central NJ about 15 minutes south of Trenton in Burlington County.  We are very close to the
Turnpike, 295, Rt.130 or Rt. 206.

Do you have English style Labradors?

We strictly breed the English Style Labrador as after experience with both the English Style and the American (Field)
Style the Temperaments on the English are much easier going.  They also have a different stature and easy going
nature along with their typical "blocky style head"

What size and weight will our adults Labradors be ?

The height at the withers for a dog is 22½ to 24½ inches; for a bitch is 21½ to 23½ inches and our crew falls within this
range.   The average weight of our dogs, in working condition and prior to breeding are Dam's 70-80lbs and the Boys
are 85-95lbs.  

Do you ever have older dogs ?

There are times that we have an older dog or Puppy that has not turned out the way we had hoped for the Show Ring
and/or has been retired from our Breeding Program.   My older dogs/or puppies when placed are $2000 and for any of
them over the age of 2yrs they will have been spayed/neutered prior to placement.  When I do place them they will be
listed on this page.  

How much are your puppies ?

My puppies are placed on AKC Limited Registration Status with a Full Health and Genetic Guarantee for $2,000.00 of
which a  $200.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy on our waiting list.  
Non-refundable what does it
mean ?
If a puppy of color or sex is NOT born to your desired litter your deposit is then carried over to the next litter
that would have the color and sex you prefer.  There are NO Exceptions to this rule.

When do you recommend spay or neutering ?

The Health of our dogs is very important to us and that is why in our contract, that you sign on "Go Home Day" along
with many emails I share during the 8 weeks your puppy is here we stress how important it is to keep your puppy/dog
intact until a the following:  Girls she not be spayed until 3 months after their first "season" and the Male's shoudl
remain in tact until atleast 15 months of age.  **Please note that veterinarians more than likely will not agree with this
recommendation. **  If you need articles or research to back-up this information for the long-term health of your dog I
would be glad to share it with your Veternarian. We feel that our bloodlines need the growth hormones to grow
properly with hopefully less issues later.  If alteration is done before my recommended time frame my guarantee is

How do I make a deposit ?

The fastest way to make a deposit is by secured Credit Card through    To make a deposit we require a
few steps and this is explained in detail on our website
here.   There is are also details here on how to mail your
check/or money order paid out to Jennifer Carroll.

Can we visit your place to visit with your dogs ?

Absolutely, you are welcome to visit our home, and it is just that our home, we do not have a high volume Breeding
Kennel we are Hobby Breeders and share our home with our dogs.  Without having a deposit with us and before the 5
week visitation time frame the answer is NO and for a couple reasons:
A.)  bring disease from a place that you are unaware of to my property and if I have young and not yet vaccinated
puppies here it could be fatal for the litter.  
B.) I time I work a full time job along with my love and hobby of raising dogs there is lots to do here and not a lot of time
for visitations for all the inquiries that we get.

Do we remove declaws?

No.. their dew claws are actually a toe.. I would never remove one of their toe's as they need them to climb and chew
bones, hold onto things.

How do we get to pick our puppy?

We have been asked this question many times and our answer is always the same.   We start temperament testing on
each litter at 5-6 weeks and document what we are seeing with each puppy after each test, each week.  As we develop
this information we compare it to the Puppy Questionnaire you filled out with us so we can determine your household
make-up (Other Children or Dogs), your activity level, and long-term what you are looking for in your puppy such as
just a companion, hunting partner, or potential therapy dog.   As we compare the documentation on the temperament
testing to your questionnaires we develop an idea of what puppies would do best in your home.  We then narrow that
down to your 1st and 2nd Choices on your Deposit Contract and allow you to pick which puppy fits your home.  Our
goal is not only to make sure you obtain the forever friend you are looking for but to also make sure we are doing right
by our puppies and not placing them in a home that has expectations that he/she would never live up to.  

Also please keep in mind we as breeders have no control of what color or sex is born so sometimes being flexible, in
color sex, will help in this process.  

When can we visit our puppy ?

Once the puppies are cleared by my Vet at 7 weeks of age they are given their first Vaccination and then we have an
"Open House" for those that have placed a deposit on the litter and we invite you into our home, by appointment, to
visit with the entire litter.  This gives us a great time to talk and discuss any questions you have for us regarding your
puppy.  No visitations before then sorry.

When can our puppy go home ?

The puppies are kept until they are 8 weeks of age, and many times it takes us this long for us to decide who is staying
at Lynneville.   So the "Go Home" Date for each litter will be announced shortly after the litter is born.  We realize there
are times that puppies need to stay with us a short while after the "Go Home" Day so please understand that we
charge a modest fee for shots and care of your puppy after this time frame.

Do all Lynneville Pups go home with micro-chips ?

Yes !  We have just started doing this with the introduction of the "Micro-Chips"  You will be provided with details on
"Go Home" Day.

Do you have the laid back temperament Labradors ?
Yes !  We have generations of wonderful dispositions and temperaments.... Versatile personality so if you are couch
potato your Labrador will be right by your side... if you are very active person your Labrador will be right there with you
as well.

Do your dogs have hips and elbows done ?  

Yes !  On each of their respective pages you can see that not only do we do Hips and Elbows each of our dogs
Male/Female have been through 8-10 clearances/tests to ensure the best Breeding Stock possible.

How much can we exercise our puppy/dog ?

I will be providing you with "TONS" of information about keeping your puppy at a good fit weight along with exercise
regime for the first 2 years.  However the Best Rule of Thumb is for each month of their life they can go on a 5 minute
walk.  So your 8 week old puppy can only safely go on a 10 minute walk.  

What food do you feed ?

"Royal Canin" is our food of choice for hundreds of reasons.   We personally feel that with our lines and the growing
needs of our dogs these are best option long-term.   So we recommend feeding Royal Canin Medium Puppy or
Labrador Puppy until they are a minimum of 1 year of age.   Royal Canin puts in the time, research, and development to
make sure their food meets a growing puppies needs.

Health & Temperament

We pride ourselves on breeding first and foremost for Health and temperament.   To help us breed sound dogs, all of
the dogs we breed have had x-rays and determined to be free of dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
(OFA). We also have their eyes certified annually to be free of inheritable eye disorders by a board certified Veterinary
Ophthalmologist (ACVO).  We believe that temperament has a very large genetic component and therefore we only
breed dogs that exhibit a wonderful Labrador temperament, conformation, retrieving instincts and intelligence. We
breed only the English line of Labradors with stellar temperaments. People ask me this all the time how is the
temperament of your puppies? I really don't know how to answer this other than they are wonderful... just come and
see for yourself!

Puppy Guarantee

A link to our puppy Guarantee is here.