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Finding a reputable breeder is a crucial step in bringing
in a new member of your family and if you follow some
simple guidelines.
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Our Current Planned Litters

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* Once we receive your Questionnaire we will send your details on our upcoming litters and
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How our lines have matured over the years
What do you get when you are purchasing a Puppy From Lynneville Labradors:

• A English Labrador Puppy that has been produced from OFA Cleared Parentage, that has also been genetically tested
for EIC, CNM, PRA, Long-Coat Gene, and the Dilute Gene at a very minimum.    On each of our dogs respective pages
you will notice that they have been tested for 7-10 DNA Tests to ensure that when we are putting a Sire and Dam
together we have ensured the healthiest of possible puppies.

• Weekly Educational Email's of Tips, Tricks, and Training ideas along with A Weekly Update on the Puppies and their
mom.   We also share all of this on our Lynneville FB Page for each litter.

• Our puppies are socialized A LOT.  We also use the Puppy Puzzle Method of developing and stimulating them  
mentally and physically starting at 7 days old and this continues through 8 weeks of age.  

• The puppies begin Potty training at our home at 3-4 weeks of age so when they leave our home at 8 weeks of age
they are Potty Trained on Pine Shavings where you can easily transition them to Potty Training outside.  This method
has worked very well for us and within 3-4 weeks in your home they are completely Potty Trained.

• A Genetic Guarantee which is available on our website here -

• A Health Guarantee for the first
5 Days along with 30 Days of Pet Insurance through the AKC

• Your Puppies are Microchipped shortly before leaving our home, and after they have been medically cleared by our
Veterinarian.   We use the AKC Reunite Microchips and prepay the $17.50 Lifetime Registration Fee for you.  Once you
and your puppy leave our home and  your puppy has been medically cleared by your Veterinarian we register  your
puppy online with AKC Reunite.  We also provide you with a pamphlet and additional information that you can purchase
from AKC Reunite.

And Last but not Least – Life Time Support from the day you leave our home till the day your puppy/dog passes
over the rainbow bridge.
Our Upcoming Litters
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