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Rainbow Bridge
Treddolphin Sun Bonnet
DOB: 8-27-2002 - 6/7/2015  
COLOR: Yellow (b)
OFA Hips: Good  
DNA & AKC Registered
Thyroid:  Tested Normal 8/2008
Eyes: CERF Clear  & PRA Clear
Heart:- OFA Cardiac Cleared by Practitioner
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to us and sat down in my son's lap.  When we brought Mike home he was infested with worms but being young and in love with our
puppy we did in Maryland.  He was the instant favorite to family and friends as he had such a lovable personality and always did his
rounds each evening making sure everyone was ok and in bed.  As I brought home my daughter when he was four and then my
youngest son when he was eight he took all the changes with the slightest bit of hesitation and just continued to man our house.

In May of 1998, Mike woke up one morning and as he went out for his morning walk we soon realized something was wrong.  He came
up lame and after blood work and additional testing we realized he had lyme disease.  We treated him as advised but didn't realize at
the time that this was the beginning of watching Mike deteriorate for years.  The lyme's took it's toll on Mike but, the deterioration of his
hips is what was making him very unhappy.  Over the course of the next several years Mike went from one pain medication to another.
We were trying to assist him and make his everyday a little better.  By 2003 his hips were deteriorating so bad failure.  All during this
time Mike was slowly began loosing his vision so he would bark quite a bit. This was so we would come see him and assure himself
that someone was around him.  Over these next years we brough "Mike" back from Renal Failure, Belys Palsey and numerous other
conditions.  Even when we purchased Molly (our Chocolate Female) Mike was slowing loosing touch with the world around him.

On February 22nd, 2004 we woke up to find Mike, who slept by our side every night even though we carried him up the stairs, laying in
our living room with the sound of a brewing coffee pot coming from his lungs.  We realized then that his heart was failing and
congestive heart failure had taken over.  I went to church that day just praying that he would be gone by the time I got home so we
didn't have to make the awful choice of putting him down.  But, when I arrived home he was still staring at me and wagging his tail this
time just a little slower.  My husband and I made the decision at that time to put Mike down and I allowed each of my kids the chance to
say good-bye to him.  My youngest who was six at the time didn't understand why he had to say good-bye as
"We will see him again in
heaven right Mom".
 I personally could not say good-bye as I am not good at that.  I was at peace watching him walk away and getting
into my husbands truck for the last time, knowing that this is what truly made him happy.  Mike was put to sleep that day and buried at
our Family farm where he had 88 acres to run pain free. My peace of mind is knowing that he is now walking with my fathers each day
for the normal walk he loved to longer striving for breath or taking his time.
quickly became very spoiled.  She had a couple of litters with
us and was always a wonderful mother to her pups.  She
produces very solid pups not only with beautiful top lines,
coats, and disposition  but they have proven to be wonderful
working dogs as well as family pets.  We currently have
several of Bonnie's puppies from her few litters assisting in
Police work in New York City, therapy work in Virginia and
Maryland as well as others are active in the obedience and
conformation ring here and in Canada.   Bonnie was retired in
October of 2008 after giving birth to her last litter.  She
survived Breast Cancer in 2008 only to be taken from us in
2015 due to Liver Cancer.

Tredolphin Sun Bonnet
The Reason we do what we do....
November 27th, 1990 to February 22nd, 2004
In February of 1990 my husband and I wanted a puppy for our son who was only 4 months old.  We began
searching the news-paper and found a local "back-yard" breeder that was offering puppies for sale for a
reasonable price.  My husband grew up with labs and I with much smaller dogs so we mutually agreed that
we wanted a real dog and the Labrador was our choice.  We made an appointment and visited the breeder
and instantly fell in love with the largest male of the litter soon to be named "Mike".  
Molly is where we started as she was the Dam of our
first litter here at Lynneville Labradors.  Molly is a
wonderful Blend of English and Field lines and produced
very nicely us.  We retired Molly in 2008 after her 3rd
litter and she lived to a young 14yrs of age.  Molly spent
her last years living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland
where she was spoiled by my Father-in-Law  

Maggie's Chocolate J.A.R 4/25/2001-5/23/2015
What I wouldn't give for one more day with this dog... Moe's
J.A.R of Tricks taught me everything about total formal
obedience, the beginning of conformation, and what it
means to properly socialize a puppy before 8 weeks of age.  
Moe sired several litters for us but was eventually retired at
the age of 5.  He lovingly stayed with me by my side till the
age of 11 when he was sadly strickened with a
neuromuscular disease that eventually made us help him
cross the Rainbow bridge.   Moe was my life for a very
long-time and the dog that stood by me and licked my tears
many a times.  I still hear his bark in my home..

Moe's J.A.R of Tricks 1/25/2004 to 9/6/2016
Maggie was my husband's world and one of
the BEST Field or American style dogs we
every had the pleasure of owning and
Training, however sadly enough Maggie was
diagnosed with Hip and Elbow
Dysplasia by 18 months of age so rarely saw
the Hunting Fields again.  She then became
our true bed-side companion and couch-
potato and my husband’s "Baby" for the
next 12 years until she passed away
extremely suddenly and tragically in
September of 2018.  My room is not the
same without you by my side at night.
Maggie and Moe were the BEST of friends
an she was never quite the same without
him after he passed in 2017 .. and ironically
enough… She passed away almost a year to
the the day.. of when he did.   
without him...

Maggie's J.A.R of Mischief 7/2/2005 to