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UKC CH Beulahland Daddy’s Little Girl CGC
We brought Regenea(above) “Beulahland’s
Daddy’s little Girl into our program 2 months
after my Father passed away in 2007, thus her
name.  She actually carries my Father’s name
“Gene” in her call name.   Regenea was a
smaller English Girl with great Angles and coat
so our goal in breeding and improving her was
to give her better bone, and size without losing
her angles and coat along with a more
desirable head-piece.   

UNJ UKC CH Lynneville’s Irish Melody
We bred Regenea in 2010 to UKC GRCH
Enterprise Great Adventure “Curtis” and ended
up keeping Kara (above) from that litter and
have never looked back.  She was everything
we wanted to improve on Regenea and more.  
Her Conformation, Field Drive, and
Temperament have been like none other.  At
the age of 8 years old she was still at it and
earned her WC Certificate.  Kara produced 2
beautiful Litters for us here at Lynneville and
was retired after her second litter due to

Lynneville’s OWhat a Shot in the Dark
We loved what we had from Kara and wanted
to lock that in as well as blend her field drive
with our boy “O” whom had done so
phenomenally in the Show Ring and Field so
we bred Kara in 2014 to our boy O and kept
Remmy (above) from that litter.   Remmy did not
have the bone her mother had but she had the
drive her father carried, excellent conformation,
and coat and we adored her.   So Remmy
continued my line and produced two beautiful
litters for us here at Lynneville.  Remmy was
then retired in the summer of 2018 after her
second litter.

Black Female – Lynneville’s Fat Mama Call
Name “Mia” (above

Chocolate Male – Lynneville’s In a Land Far
Far Away “Chewy” (Above)

Mia and Chewy were from Remmy’s last
breeding to BOSS GCH Quail Chase
Bearcreek Jolly Joe.   We absolutely love the
Bone, Coat, Conformation, and temperament
we obtained from this breeding and are looking
forward to what these lines do for us in the

GRCH Stormy C’s Tsunami over Lynneville
CGC TKN  “Nami”
We brought Nami into our home at 8 weeks of
age and we just love what she has given our
program.  Her Grand-Sire is also shared by our
girl “Kara” UKCGRCH Enterprise Great
Adventure “Curtis” but Nami brought the blend
of Tabatha lines into our program as well and
with that we continued with excellent
conformation, temperament, and with this girl
solid producing bitch.   Nami has had 3 litters
for me now and in every litter what I have kept
from her has been nothing less than remarkable.

In July of 2016, Nami’s first Breeding was to
Jurassic Park Bella Mare ND, RN, WC, RAT1
we kept 3 puppies (above) and love what these
3 Puppies have matured into as well as what
they are producing as Nash is already a Proven

(Above) AKC CH Pointed – Lynneville’s
Southern Comfort “Whiskey”

(Above) Lynneville’s Southern Hospitality

(Above) Lynneville's It's Rain'in Again at
Stormy 'C "Drizzle" (owner Lisa Kirk)

Lynneville's Gun Powder and Lead  
In November of 2017, Nami’s second Breeding
she was bred to our Stud Can CH CaryHill’s
Blue Steel “Colt” CGC, TDI which combined
those Tabatha lines for us and we kept a very
lovely Yellow Bitch named Shelly (Above).  

In July of 2018, Nami’s third breeding she was
bred to AKC CH Shadowbrook’s Always on my
mind “Willie” and we kept 2 Boys from this
breeding as co-owns and look forward to these
boys maturing.

Black Male –  Lynneville’s the Storm has
Passed “Zeke”

Yellow Male -   Lynneville’s Cooper Neo Lyons

Forsythe Riverwitch at Vonhausman “Mattie”
I wanted a Chocolate Bitch that I could
potentially show, breed, and start a Chocolate
line from and I have never been disappointed
and owe all of this to my dear friend Claudia
Vaigl.  Claudia allowed Mattie to come stay with
me in Spring of 2015 and shortly thereafter
Claudia became terminally ill and passed in the
summer of 2016 shortly before Mattie’s first
litter.   Mattie for me is the definition of a
Labrador – Head, Coat, and Tail.  

Lynneville’s Last Promise Fulfilled “CeeVee”
CeeVee (above) came from Mattie’s first
breeding and after struggling to get Mattie
pregnant, and then the passing of Claudia I
wanted to make sure that what I kept from
Mattie carried Claudia’s name so CeeVee
carried my friend’s first and last initial’s in her
name.   CeeVee’s sire is Aster Liberti Labro
Hamburg “Barney” and I just love what he gave
me in CeeVee to continue on Mattie’s lines.

Lynneville’s O What a Son of a Gun “Gunner”
Gunner is from Mattie’s second breeding to our
Stud CAN CH CaryHill’s Blue Steel “Colt” CGC
TDI and he is co-owned with Lynneville and the
Igham family.   Gunner is a wonderful blend of
his Sire and Dam and he is an improvement on
his sire as he capture’s his mother’s short
coupled back, but has his Sire’s great bone,
and beautiful head piece.
Our Lines come from our Foundation Girls Regenea, Nami, and Mattie
below is their History as well as their lineage that we carry on.