One Step at a Time - Our Services

Prices are per time increment in addition to frequency:

15 min walk: $10.00
20 min walk: $12.00
30 min walk: $15.00
60 min walk: $30.00

Additional charge for multiples dogs ranges between

Travel charges: Anything more than 5 miles is an
additional $3.00 charge.

We also offer Pet Sitting:

Pet sitting consists of staying over nights at the owner’s
home (per request) or just completing daily check-in's
on your Pet if you are away for a long day.  Either option
is to ensure your Pet is safe and has appropriate
Food/Water and when necessary medications.

Price for Small Pets/Cats -  
20-30 min check ins: $12-$16
(Ideal for day trips)

4 hour time slot: $45
-        Spends allotted Time with Pet and ensures meals
are appropriately fed and fresh water is available.  
When applicable this also includes a 20 minute walk.

Overnight stays: $65 dollars a night
-        Discounted rates for multiple nights.
-        3 nights $180
-        5 nights $300
-        7 nights $425

To make all comfortable, a meeting between dog,
owner, and myself will be conducted to go over feeding
schedules, daily routines, and to make all feel

This consists of pets being cared for at the home of
myself.  All pets must have proof of up to date
vaccinations. (Rabies, Booster Shots, and Bordetella
are required)

What you provide for your Dog during the Boarding
- Food nd supplements if applicable for time of stay and
extra for emergency purposes.
-Emergency contact info for owner and Veternarian
Release in case of Emergency along with Pet Insurance
documentation if applicable.

Per night: $43.00
3 Nights: $120.00
7 Nights: $295.00