One Step at a Time - About Me

My name is Alexis Carroll and I have lived in Florence
Township all of my life.   I was born and raised around
dogs and when I was 8 years old my mother started
raising AKC English Conformation Labradors and my love
for dogs has never been the same.  I started basic
obedience with dogs in UKC as well as AKC and for the
past 11 years I have been a handler in AKC, UKC, and
Canadian Dog Shows.  With this responsibility comes
days and weeks on the road handling and taking care of
our dogs, or other's that I am handling for, and I take all of
this very seriously.

I am currently a co-owner and partner of Lynneville
Labradors and to date we have earned 43 titles on our
dogs that we have bred or owned in the past 12 years.   
So I can proudly say that I know how to handle a dog, of
any size, comfortably.

I feel that with all of my experience Dog Walking for me
comes naturally and that is why I started this business as I
wanted to share my love of dogs and share my knowledge
on topic's you may have question's about or help you
save time in your busy weekly schedule by taking one
thing off of your plate.  

So contact me if you have any additional questions and I
would be glad to help you.