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Lucy Ingham
Lucy Ingham
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Meet Lucy Ingham... Lucy has one of the most
important jobs at Lynneville Labradors and that is she
steps in everyday, while we are at work, and takes
care of the mom's and babies.   I have had the
pleasure of knowing Lucy and her family for many
many years so when Lucy decided to come work for
Lynneville Labradors we were elated.   Lucy has
assisted us in daily cleaning, shots, microchips, daily
feedings along with training of the puppies and mom's
for many years now.  Lucy has also helped raise every
puppy/dog that we have provided to Alpha Bravo.

In May of 2020 Lucy took on another responsibility and
that is being a finisher and puppy raiser for Alpha
Bravo.  She has the responsibility to train the dogs,
prior to being placed with their veteran, as well as
continuing to raise the puppies at Lynneville.   

We would be lost without Lucy... Thank you again
Lucy for all that you do..