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Our Puppy Guarantee
Below are all of the Details to our Puppy Guarantee
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Limited Five Day Guarantee on Health

If, upon examination by your veterinarian, it is determined that your puppy has any physical problem which makes it a poor health risk, you may
within three days of purchase return the puppy to Lynneville Labradors for a full refund or a full credit towards another puppy.  To make a claim
under this warranty, you must contact us in the first three days after purchase and provide documentation of such health defects.  This
documentation must be provided by a licensed veterinarian showing that your puppy has a health defect and why he/she believes the puppy to
be in poor health.  This statement also must include a description of the symptoms supporting his opinion.

Since it is your intention to return the puppy for a refund or credit, your veterinarian should not provide any further immunizations or treatment
to the puppy. A full examination will be conducted by our veterinarian upon return to Lynneville Labradors.  

Limited 25 Month Guarantee Against Hip Dysplasia

The Labrador's here at Lynneville Labradors are certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFFA) ( when they reach two
years of age.  We also have preliminary examinations performed by our Veterinarian before and during their first two years of life to ensure the
quality of our Labradors.  Hip dysplasia cannot be diagnosed at birth and is not considered a congenital anomaly.  There is strong evidence that
the primary cause of hip dysplasia is joint laxity very early in life.  Although many genes are responsible for the development of hip dysplasia,
50% of the variation of severity of hip dysplasia is caused by environmental factors.  If your puppy is determined by the OFA to have moderate
or severe hip dysplasia after the age of 24 months of age, Lynneville Labradors will provide you with a complete refund or credit towards
another puppy.  

To make a claim under this provision, you must send Lynneville Labradors a copy of the OFA written report, performed at or after 30 days of
your Labrador's two year age mark (But not after 26 months of age)

25 Month Guarantee on RD, PRA and Epilepsy

If during the first 26 months of your puppy's life he/she is diagnosed with having a debilitating congenital defect that in your veterinarian's
opinion prevents your puppy from serving you as a companion pet, Lynneville Labradors, will at your option provide you with either a full
refund or full credit towards another Lynneville Labrador Labs puppy.

To make a claim under this warranty we require a statement from your Veterinarian indicating the date of his diagnosis, the nature of the defect,
and a statement that the defect is congenital in nature.  This documentation must also provide reasons why the defect prevents the puppy from
serving as a companion pet.


General Terms and Conditions for above stated Warranties

1.  You qualify for a refund or credit for another puppy only for the reasons and in the manner stated herein.

2.  If you are eligible for and select a refund under these warranties, "Lynneville Labradors:" will refund your puppy's full purchase price by
check within 14 days of receipt of all documentation substantiating your claim and upon the return of the AKC paperwork.

3.  If you choose another puppy from "Lynneville Labradors" which has a price greater than the amount of your credit, you must pay the
difference.  If your new choice has a price less then your credit, you will be refunded by check within 14 days of the transaction.

4.  "Lynneville Labradors" warranties concerning health, life and condition are limited as expressed. We are not responsible for any payments of
veterinarian's fee's for examinations, drugs, X-rays, laboratory testing or any other treatment unless agree to by "Lynneville Labradors" in
writing, prior to the performance of such service.

5.  If you are eligible for and select a refund or credit under the provisions of this warranty, you must return any registration or registration
application documents for this puppy that have been transferred to you. You must also assign any and all documents back to "Lynneville
Labradors" before refund or credit will be issued to you.
6.  If it is necessary to ship a replacement puppy, you are responsible for all freight charges.

7.  In the warranty covering retinal dysplasia (RD) and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) the dog must be examined annually by a veterinarian
certified by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmology who will be the sole judge in the diagnosis of congenital eye disorders.  In the
warranty covering epilepsy, post-traumatic seizure disorders (i.e. those resulting from accidental head injury, lead poisoning, etc) do not qualify
for a refund or replacement under these terms and conditions.  Dogs judged to have a congenital disorder such as those mentioned or any
other, the dog must be spayed/neutered and "Lynneville Labradors" receive written proof of this from the licensed veterinarian who has
performed the surgery before your refund or replacement claim will be honored.

8.  In the warranty covering hip dysplasia, the dog must be X-rayed within the 24-26 month range , and the OFA will be the sole judge regarding
hip dysplasia.  If the dog is under 2 years of age and you suspect that the dog might be dysphasic, the X-ray can be sent either to the OFFA or to
"Lynneville Labradors" veterinarian for review which will save you the OFA fee.  If the dog is judged to have "moderate" or "severe" hip
dysplasia, the dog must be spayed/neutered and "Lynneville Labradors" must receive written proof of this from the licensed veterinarian who
has performed the surgery before your refund or replacement claim will be honored.

9.  This warranty is non-transferable and becomes void if the dog is sold or placed.