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Lynneville Labradors
Our Deposit Process
If you have a specific color or sex please make sure to let us know on the below Deposit your
family on the Puppy Questionnaire.

There is a couple of steps required when placing a deposit to reserve a Lynneville Puppy:

1st Step Is Filling out our Puppy Contract –
This outlines our obligation to you as a Breeder, as well as your obligation to us as a puppy
family.  This also provides the details on Non-Refundable Deposit Policy.

Click Here for our Deposit Contract - Please Cut/Paste into an email and send back to us.

2nd Step is Placing your Deposit

We accept Deposit's either by Credit Card  (Securely through
To place your Credit Card Deposit click Here

Or If you prefer to Mail a Check or Money Order make it Payable to: Jennifer Carroll

And Mail to :
Lynneville Labradors
104 East Delaware Avenue
Florence NJ 08518