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Alpha Bravo Canine
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Lynneville Labradors is very proud that we have bred
and/or co-bred puppies that are in the process of
giving back as they are becoming service dogs
through Alpha Bravo.   
Below are some of the dogs we currently have with
Alpha Bravo Canine.
Alpha Bravo - Faith
In November of 2019 2 more Recruit's Joined the Alpha Bravo Team

Right - Purple Girl "Jessie" Lynneville's Rough and Tumble Cowgirl
Left - Tan Boy "Gonzo" Lynneville's No One Left Behind
Lynneville's Alpha Bravo Charlie
Lynnevllle's Alpha Bravo Oscar
Our Above Puppies that joined the Alpha Bravo Program in May 2019

(Top L) - Lynneville's Semper Fi at Alpha Bravo - Cooper
(Top R) - Lynneville's Red, White, and Blue over Alpha Bravo - Frisco
(Middle) - Lynneville Medal of Liberty at Alpha Bravo "Louie"
Our Newest Puppies that have joined the Alpha Bravo
Program in Nov.  2019

(Top R) - Lynneville's Hearing the Echo of the Big Guns over
Alpha Bravo "Stryker"
(Top L) - Lynneville's One Love One Heart One Destiny "Holly"
Our Newest Puppies that have joined the Alpha Bravo Program in August 2020
Lynneville’s Never give up.... Alpha Bravo “ - Blake
Lynneville’s Ortiz-Rivera Reporting for Duty @Alpha Bravo” - Lando “
Lynneville’s Bryn Athyn American Pride @ Alpha Bravo” -Tristan “