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We are located in Northern Burlington County, in New Jersey.  We do not have a
large Kennel or Breeding Facility our dogs are raised as part of our family and we
share our home with them.  Many ask us where we derived our Kennel name from,
and actually it is quite simple!  In pondering possible names with a very good friend
of ours one day, she mentioned “Why not combine your middle names?” My middle
name being Lynn and my husband’s middle name being Neville, we put them
together and Lynneville Labradors was born!  

So, thank you for visiting our website I certainly hope you enjoy the information we
have provided.  My husband and I both work out side of the home and we are
proud to have raised our family (both 2 and 4 legged) in the same small town that
we both grew up in.  We have had a passion for the Labrador breed for about 20
years now. My husband and son's have been avid upland hunters all these years,
and a Labrador could always be found at their side.  Our first Labrador, Mike, was
purchased with no education or knowledge regarding Sire or Dam or health
When he began to suffer from several hereditary, genetic
disorders, we were inspired to begin a breeding program. This
program would not only be based upon sound lines, but through
our continued education and research regarding the breed, we
would strive to maintain these good solid lines while focusing on
a balanced temperament that could be as versatile in the ring, as
in the field.  We are very proud to say we have held true to those
goals in each and every one of our breedings thus far.

When we do breed, it’s with the intent to retain a pup or two from
each litter, so we can continue with our lines. We are constantly
re-evaluating and reflecting on our program, to ensure we are
staying true to the breed and our love for it.  We currently
produce several litters per year and evaluate all of our puppies at
7-8 weeks for health and temperament.  Those puppies that we
decide will make wonderful companions are placed in approved
loving homes under AKC Limited Registration.
We are members of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac (AKC), United Labrador Retriever
Association (UKC),  and the Hunting Retriever Club.   We are proudly support TVD research,
Labrador Rescue Associations, and the Pink Whistle Society.
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